Sketchoween 2020

Running from 20th October 2020 for 12 days comes the 12 Days of Sketchoween art and game jams. Much like the Sketchmas 2019 art jam there will be 12 prompts, one for each day. For the first time we’re experimenting with running the art and game jams separately. The game jam will start sooner, please check below for details.

The art jam will have its prompts released at 0:00 UTC on the 20th October. The rules are simple: Make some art be it a drawing, painting on canvas or even digital art, be it a 3D sculpture, a short animation or a digital painting. Anything you consider art you can make, just be sure to share it.

To share your artwork use #Sketchoween20 on Twitter and similar platforms.

We have an official Discord Server if you’d like to stop by and say hi.

You can find out more information about the game jam and sign up at its dedicated page.

By Drent

Sometime artist, full time geek. I enjoy making things from 3D prints, general crafts, video games and more.