Sketchruary Prompts 2021

Here are the prompts for 12 Days of Sketchruary 2021. Remember to post your contributions with #Sketchruary21 or on the official Discord server. This year I thought I would add in some more prop/tangible prompts rather than just abstract/concept prompts to see if that helps with

Day 1 – Wisdom (14th)
Day 2 – Costume (15th)
Day 3 – Science (16th)
Day 4 – Banjo (17th)
Day 5 – Dilapidated (18th)
Day 6 – Tears (19th)
Day 7 – Battle (20th)
Day 8 – Fruit (21st)
Day 9 – Structure (22nd)
Day 10 – Demons (23rd)
Day 11 – Still (24th)
Day 12 – Exterior (25th)

By Drent

Sometime artist, full time geek. I enjoy making things from 3D prints, general crafts, video games and more.

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